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We're bringing together the best collection of leaders from top companies to share knowledge, tactics, trends and best practices all across the business world

Aarohi Surya

Co-Founder and CMO of Yalla Veggie

Aaron Siow

GVP of IQI Elite

Abby Tan

IQI Realty Sabah

Adinda Katrina Sudradjat

Growth Strategist Manager of Prihal Data

Alan Cheah

Country GM of Carsome Certified

Allan Phang

CMO of Galaxy Racer

Amrita Asrani

Global Brand Marketing Director of Reckitt

Archana A/P Vijai Kumar

Asian Regional Representative of Commonwealth Youth Council

Axly Tham Wai Kien

Head Of Team of Juwai IQI

Ayesha Bibha

President of Professional Speakers Bangladesh (PSB)

Ayshea Dobson

Project Manager of Property Hunter

Babangida Ruma

Founder of Opportunities Hub

Bao Chun Jian

Founder of Xiao E-tech

Basanta Joshi

Assistant Professor of Institute of Engineering

Bavani Periasamy

Speaker | Coach | Gratitude Advocate of BP Global Consult

Benjamin Croc

CEO of BrioHR

Bruce Wade

Master Story Engineer of EM Solutions

Calvin Lee

VP of Sales & Marketing of Goama

Caroline Fernandes

CEO and Founder of Krisullis

Chander Sharma


Chen Tse Ping

The Founder / GVP of Juwai IQI (IQI CS Group)

Cherlynna Aprillisa Santos

Project Manager of Property Hunter

Chris Daniel Wong

Director of CoMetro Capital Nominee Sdn. Bhd

Christina Si

CEO of Elico

Daniele Gambero

Co-founder and Group CEO of REI Group

Danny Lo

JUWAIIQI International Property Consultant, Probationary Estate Agent and Co-Founder of

David Hasu

Founder/ Executive Director of iCare Diabetes Foundation

David Yu

Founding Partner and Chief Editor of Middle Networks

Davis Tey

Head of Team IQI Uniq

Dr. Bay Yeo

Managing Director of Exal Group Pty Ltd

Dr. Ram Gopal Raj

Director of Strategy and Innovation of Air Asia Academy

Dr. Yu Yong Poh

Data Analytics Lead Trainer of Air Asia Academy

Dr. Zaharuddin A. Rahman

Member, Shariah Advisory Council, Founder at ElzarGroup & MyClaaz, Company: Securities Commission Malaysia

Dzuleira Abu Bakar

Group Chief Executive Officer of Technology Park Malaysia

Elisha Sativinder

Co-Founder of Dignity for Children Foundation

Emmanuel Andrew Venturina

Country Head of IQI Philippines

Eng Wei Yong

Co-Founder of Estate123 Malaysia

Erman Bin Taib

Rea of IQI Realty Sdn Bhd

Evan Tzivanakis

Executive Coach & Consultant of

Faija Parween

Founder of Open Space Network

Faisal Mahmud

Manager, Social Care Management of Robi Axiata Limited

Faye Robert

Propnex Sabah

Fikri Rizal

Marketing & Business Development Manager of Moonton

Gan Kwee Choo

Image Motivator of Swet Image International SDN. BHD

Hanzo Ng

Founder of Sales Ninja Training

Harish Mehta

Business Coach of HM Creating Abundance

Harshita Chandrashekhar Jadhav

Founder & CEO of keycybr

Hazel Savage

CEO & Co-Founder of Musiio

Ian Lai

Brand Storyteller of BrandtalksAsia Sdn Bhd

Ibrahim Adam Ali

Director General of Ministry of Commerce and Industry SWS

Ibrahim Nureni

Co-founder of Liber & Sophie


CEO and Founder of IF Club

Imran Fahad

Founder of Inspiring Bangladesh

Jack Ho Chung Yee

Real Estate Negotiator of Team IQI CS

James MacDonald

Savills Head of Research, China

James Zhan

Founder of Oversea Investment Platform

Jasper Ettema

Sustainable Venture Support of JET Growth

Jayden Ng

Team Leader of Team M.A.D, Team IQI CS

Jeevan Sahadevan

CEO of LeverageLab

Jeffro Ong

EQ Coach, Trainer and Keynote Speaker of Vision Alliance

Jim Willis

President/CEO of InDev Specialists, Inc.

Joyan Chan

CEO/Founder of Your Image Empowered Coach Enterprise

Justin Chen

CEO of Adeve Digital Sdn Bhd

K. Kayatthri A/P Krishnasamy

Founder, Digital Marketing Corporate Trainer/Consultant of KS TRAINING RESOURCES

Kavita Maheendran

Vice Secretary of Malaysian Youth Council

Kazi Homaira Nirjhar

Co-Founder & Managing Director, Onupran

Kelvin Prawtama

BI Analyst of

Ken Lizardo

Founder and CEO of RISE Training Asia

Lafifa Jamal

President, Bangladesh Women in Technology

Larry Leong

GVP of IQI Dreammakerz

Leo Li

General Manager of INTSIG

Leowanie Leow

Business Development Manager of Tapway Sdn Bhd

Lily Chong

Managing Director of IQI WA/ Head of Country – Juwai IQI Australia


Founder and CEO of Luban Design Consulting

Luc Lu

Co-Founder of IMI (Investment Migration Insider)

Mak Wai Hoong

Chief Executive Officer of SUBPLACE

Mandy Chen

Head of International Sales of IQI

Manisekaran Ponnusamy

Founder and Managing Director of Mayi Yoga Academy

Mannsi Agrawal

Freelance Corporate Trainer

Mazlan Abbas


Md Ridwanul Haque

Co-Founder/ Partner Architect of Studio Threshold

MD. Safaet Hossain

Head, Department of Computer Science & Engineering of City University

Mel Christie

Founder of Christie Associates Sdn Bhd.

Melanie Falvey

Founder Expert Channel TV

Mian Akif Saghir

Director of Professional Services of Century 21 Qatar

Miguel Chui

Managing Director of All Sun Hotel Development Group

Muhazrol Muhamad

GVP of IQI iRealty

Musa Olatunji

Lead Consultant of BeMORE Global Consulting

Nashid Ali

Founder & CEO of Cloud Creative Limited, Co-Founder & Growth Chair of Professional Speakers Bangladesh (PSB)

Navin Sinnathamby

Head, AgTech, Sectorial Pilots & DroneTech, Digital Adoption Ecosystem, Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation Sdn. Bhd (MDEC)

Neerja Singh

Professional Speakers Association of India

Nikhil Khandelwal

Country Head of Pulse Global Limited

Paniz Amani

Digital & Brand Director - Partner of Pivot Echo One

Patrick Chun

Executive Director of IITTI World Civility Index

Pavel Sarwar

President of YOUTH HUB

Penny Soo

Brand Strategist of Penny Soo Consulting

Phoebe Wu

Director of New Channel Shanghai School Cooperative Development Center

Prem Mohan

Writer and Senior IT Consultant of Professional

Qixin Wang

CMO of Hangzhou Yushu Technology Co.,Ltd.

Race Phua Wan Hui

Head of Team of IQI Realty

Race Wong

Co-Founder/Chief Product Officer of OHMYHOME

Raja Shazrin Shah Raja Ehsan Shah

Director of Galaxy Tech Solutions (KL) Sdn Bhd

Ratri Wening Hapsari

Educator at Sampoerna Academy

Rianat Abosede Wahab

Co-Founder, GEAD Foundation of GEAD Foundation (Gender Equality for African Development)

Richard Chen

Chief Editor and Principal Analyst of Australian Financial News

Richard Zhuang

Founder of OceanWay Yacht Service, Member of The National Steering Committee of Yacht Development Experts

Ridwan Agboluaje


Robin Coenraad

Digital Marketing Lead Trainer of Air Asia Academy

Rohit Chandrasekharan Nambiar

Group CEO of Tune Protect Group

Rola Ezzedine

Founder/CEO of Luxury of love

Ron Laurie

Leadership and business growth Advisor, Facilitator, Certified Advisory Board Chair, Coach of INTEG Solutions Pty Ltd

Ryan Thompson

CEO/Director of Real Estate Brilliance

Sabrin Farooqui

Founder and President of Cultural Diversity Network Inc (CDNI)

Sagun Dhungana

CEO of Digital & Beyond Pvt Ltd

Sanjay KV

Head of Content of Recode Hive

Sean Lee

Vice President of IQI Focus

See Wai Hun

CEO of JurisTech and iMoney

Sheena LC Walker BA CIPD

Director Of Performance of Executive Training & HR

Sheila Ashameeta

Growth Business Strategist of Prihal Data & Creative Studio

Sheriff Olaitan

Co-founder of Child Development Initiatives Nigeria

Shomy Hasan Chowdhury

Co-Founder of Awareness 360

Sipavich Dhumrongvaraporn

COO Baania (Thailand)

Sleem Hasan

Founder & CEO of Privity FZ LLE

Stephen Molloy

Product Designer of LOMAH Studios

Subramanian Narayan

Managing Director of Renergetics Consulting Pte. Ltd.

Sumaiya Zafrin Chowdhury

Co-Founder and Managing Partner, PICONSTANT

Sunny Kabrawala

Founder & Director of STAR - Space Technology & Aeronautical Rocketry

Sushil Budhathoki

CEO of Nepal Stem Alliance

Tai Choo Tack

Senior Managing Partner of WHYEXCEL PLT

Tanha Wahid Adrita

Content Manager of Nas Daily

Tariq Sait

Head Development of Nandos India

Thitiwat Teerakulthanyaroj

Director of BCP Estate International CO.,Ltd.

Tiodor Lusia Seprina

Entrepreneur, Educator of Cregit Indonesia

Toni Miranda

Image Consultant Soft-skills Expert of Radiance Image Consultancy Philippines

Vanitha Krishnasamy

Creative Rockstar/Partner of Kiss Creative Agency PLT

Vichai Viratkapan

Acting Director-General of Real Estate Information Center, Government Housing Bank

Vikas Jain

Entrepreneur, Speaker & Author of

Wesley Chan

Sales Breakthrough Coach of Vision Alliance Holdings and Keynote Speaker

Yan Lou

Co-Founder & COO Australian Financial News

Yeo Pek Kee

Head Of Team IQI Ace

Yulia Suci Rejeki

Educator at Bintaro 12 Elementary School

Zong Liang 宗良

Associate Vice President of Shanghai Guan 'An Information Technology Co., LTD

Zu Anjalika Kamis Gunnulfsen

Founder of Zu Anjalika Image Branding & Lifestyle Sdn Bhd

Nowrid Amin

Digital Marketing Manager, IQI Global

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