Umar Munshi

Umar Munshi

Founder and Group MD of Ethis

Umar Munshi is a social entrepreneur based in Southeast Asia. He is the co-founder of, a group of pioneer investment and crowdfunding platforms with regulatory approvals in Indonesia, Malaysia and Dubai.

Flagship platform Ethis Indonesia is an award-winning P2P crowd-investment platform that has transacted impact investments from 50+ countries to fund SMEs and social housing projects, giving investors healthy double-digit returns. In mid-2020, Ethis Malaysia, the first Shariah-compliant platform in Malaysia, was launched, focused on various verticals including future-tech, sustainable agriculture and social enterprises.

Umar is the strategic advisor of Social Finance marketplace Global Sadaqah which manages charity, Islamic social finance and CSR programs to support and empower communities, charities and social enterprises. Umar also advises IBF Digilabs, a R&D startup that works on solutions for the real economy on the blockchain.

Umar is also the president of the Islamic Fintech Alliance founders' group.