Olaitan Sheriff A.

Olaitan Sheriff A.

Co-founder of Child Development Initiatives Nigeria

Olaitan Sheriff is a Public health professional, an M&IE expert, and a personal development trainer.

He is currently a technical monitoring and evaluation officer with the Oyo State Public health Emergency Operations. He assists the state in responding to the threat of the COVID-19 pandemic by providing technical support in the areas of data management, health strategy development, and project implementation.

As an SDGs champion and State advocacy coordinator, Sheriff facilitated the SDGs-Goal 4 action plan in 2019. An action plan designed to impact over 10,000 in-school and out-of-school adolescents in Oyo state. The action plan received the support and commitment of the state government office on SDGs. It was adopted by establishing SDGs clubs in secondary schools in Oyo State, Nigeria.

He co-founded Child Development Initiatives Nigeria (CDIN) to help young persons grow under challenging circumstances to develop their technical, digital, and soft skills.

Sheriff has worked with various non-governmental, bilateral organisations and agencies. They are serving in various developmental capacities and performing excellently and diligently.
He is experienced in e-socialization, policy implementation, data management, and youth development.

He is passionate about personal development in young adults and promoting policies that benefit youth lives.