Daniele Gambero

Daniele Gambero

Co-founder and Group CEO of REI Group

Propenomist, co-founder and CEO of REI Group
& Propenomy.com, president of the Malaysia
PropTech Association and Digital Marketing

Passionate property knowledge giver, analytic in
his assertion on properties, Daniele has helped
developers and government agencies in Southeast
Asia spearheading affordable housing through big
data analysis and his Propenomy Development

Propenomy.com, a digital platform offering strategic and highly integrated data analysis on economy and property and an open discussion platform to help adapting to the digital change.

Expatriate from Italy in Malaysia since 1998. He holds a Master in Macroeconomy, one in Marketing and a PhD in Strategic Marketing and Mass Communication.

He is regarded as a Property and PropTech KOL and is a well-known and sought-after international and TEDx speaker. He can be easily connected with through LinkedIn, searching “Propenomist”