Lily Chong

Lily Chong

Managing Director of IQI WA/ Head of Country – Juwai IQI Australia

A natural-born leader and strategist, Lily Chong represents the global statement of the powerhouse. She is a hardworking and determined woman who challenges herself and the status quo to strive for bigger and better results for the industry and her clients.

Born in Sabah, Malaysia, she travelled over 60 minutes by bus daily to school. In 1993 Lily took the opportunity to leave everything she knew to study in Perth and complete a Bachelor degree in Finance and Marketing, returning to Malaysia upon competition, to work as a lecturer in Economics at a Pre-University centre.

Not one to stand still for long, Lily moved to Hong Kong in 1998, where she lived and worked there and in China for the next 10 years. During this time, she excelled in her career, which can only be described as peak performance.

She was working her way up from an assistant position. She proved her worth and ability through long hours, upskilling, training and leadership, all of which transpired into promotions to junior and senior managerial roles for 5 departments before being headhunted by a European company to take over as Operations Managing the Quality Control Department. Managing 3 branches and growing their portfolio and presence in China, Lily not only achieved but excelled.

With great work comes great reward, which saw Lily take in high bonus rewards and income, living a lifestyle she could have only dreamed of. But something was missing. In 2008, Lily decided it was time to change, resigned from her high profile position and moved back to Perth.

Any move is a huge step, never mind moving to another country, setting up from scratch, new home, new car, new people, new culture and pace of life. Having started planning her retirement at 35, Lily quickly realised her savings were going quicker than expected. Back then, she had only dabbled unknowingly in share trading because investing and passive income was not her forte. So, she took it upon herself in true entrepreneurial style to read, learn and invest in herself, building her knowledge and satisfying her curiosity.

Once she had secured her knowledge and understanding, Lily took another leap of faith into the unknown and what can be a turbulent world of Real Estate. Unbeknown to Lily, it would be one that would subside her thought of retirement and take her on a journey that she would never look back on.

They say you have got to be in it to win it, which is what Lily did.

After completing her real estate sales registration, she worked at an agency for just under 4 years, dedicating every spare minute to studying and understanding the industry and investment strategies and working harder and more intelligently than anyone else.

Lily won numerous property award accolades and was recognised as the leading property strategist, practising what she preached and beginning her property investment portfolio. She had tripled her income and was growing her profitable portfolio annually.

In 2014, she moved to start her real estate practice, Trident Property Partner. If you ask Lily about the glitz and glam that is perceived, she will tell you with honesty, “it isn’t an easy path real estate, you have to want to do it, achieve it and go after it, the challenges are plentiful, but the rewards are meaningful. If you have the work ethic and are willing to go the extra mile, you can achieve great things and financial rewards. It is flexible, and you can work anytime and anywhere with the right plan and strategy in place.”

In 2019, Lily initiated the move for Trident Property Partners to align into a joint venture with a leading global Real Estate and Investment Advisory Agency – IQI Global. Then, she formed the first IQI branch and HeadQuarters – IQIWA, propelling her into the worldwide arena, all led by Lily’s vision of growth.

IQI itself stands for International Quality Investment. It offers more than property transactions but instead helps people on a lifelong journey through the ecosystem of property and realising the value of their investment.

Established in Dubai in 2011, IQI now operates across the Middle East and Asian pacific including, Dubai, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Philippines and Australia.

She is a trendsetter in the real estate industry across the world. Lily Chong innovates culture, professionalism, best practice and technology to deliver to their clients, anywhere, at any time. It is a true ecosystem with an experienced and diverse, multilingual and multicultural team, ensuring clients have the people, relationships, and support to grow their future through property investments in markets worldwide.