James MacDonald

James MacDonald

Savills Head of Research, China

James Macdonald was appointed as Head of Savills Research, China in 2007. He has the overall responsibility to ensure the successful delivery of research across mainland China, advise key clients and stakeholders of the latest market trends and future business opportunities; as well as expand the adoption of technology systems and develop thought leadership.

Savills China Research Department is the backbone of Savills’ operations in China. By compiling much needed knowledge and support for our agency departments, Savills Research provides the leading edge needed in China’s increasingly competitive real estate market.

On an ongoing basis, we monitor a multitude of aspects within the various sectors of the property market—office, retail, residential, investment and hospitality. By compiling premium quality data, we enable ourselves and our clients to gain useful insights into China’s market dynamics.

Savills advises private, institutional and corporate clients seeking to acquire, manage, lease, develop or realise the value of prime residential and commercial property in the world’s key locations.