Billie Teoh

Billie Teoh

CEO of Titanfour Group

Billie Teoh is the results-oriented CEO in a fast-growing company. She inspires innovation and creativity in Titanfour Group with abilities to transform it into a working culture. As a visionary leader, she believes a clear direction is important to steer productivity.

And today, she has been appointed to the board of director role. A proven record of her digital transformation journey upbringing organization SASO (Smart, Automation, Simplification, Optimization) to the local and international market. Exactly as the slogan “The Mark of Solution” plus her various exposures in management consulting and Enterprise Business Solutions, Titanfour carries several in-house SMART products.

Her SMART innovation ranges from communal Vendor Management as wide as an ecosystem of digitalization setup which covers Human Resources Management System, Project Monitoring and Development Management, Property Sales, Supply Chain, Distribution, Warehouse Control Management, Facility Management, Real Estate Management, Finance Management, S&OP Demand Optimizer, and Data Management.

Another eloquent invention is the TalentHub where it handles talent cultivation and acquisition on digital transformation to source candidates, cultivate their skill sets, and supply to the market demand.