Ayesha J Bibha

Ayesha J Bibha

Founder & President, Professional Speakers Bangladesh (PSB)

I help ambitious leaders to develop their Cognitive Readiness by using their minds over time and energy.

Using insightful language and neuroscience-based strategies, I help leaders to take action for lasting impact on personal and professional growth.

For over 15 years, I walked an ambitious path as a mom, teacher, and business leader in the areas of agility, resilience, change, and mindset.

I was born in Bangladesh and moved to Australia in 2015. In less than three years, my work portfolio moved from a local to a global platform. My accomplishments include speaking at the Global Speakers Summit in 2018, the Philippine International Leadership Symposium in 2018, TEDx Talk in 2019, and the HR LEADer Online Summit 2020. I delivered blended facilitation for over 4,000 participants from all six continents. Currently, I am teaching the Head and Heart of Leadership course at the University of Denver. My most recent achievement is my book Mindspeed, launching in September 2020.

In my speaking, facilitation, writing and mentoring, my number one intention is to direct people's perspectives toward the future, as many of us are stuck in the past or present— and, thus, confused. It is my obsession to ignite insightful thinking in others that challenge their current mindset to develop a new one.

My passion stems from three things: eliminating confusion and overthinking and replacing with a solution-focused decision, removing exhaustion and defeat by restoring emotional control, and enabling style in work-life to live better. In short, 'drive mind, speed success, live better!'