Audrey Paterson

Audrey Paterson

Lifestyle Entrepreneur & Independent Financial Advisor (PSB)

Take your life back into your control.

• As a Financial Adviser I suggest everyone has 3 income streams, do you?

• Life is about taking chances, you can’t change your life if you don’t change your thinking.

• I currently work from Scotland with people all over the world. I coach, train and develop people from all different backgrounds, to help them create a plan to design the retirement of their choice.

•I have built this in pockets of time around my Financial Services business which I have been involved in for 34 years.

• I am extremely hard-working, driven & ambitious and have a real passion for helping others change their life.

• After successfully running my own businesses in Financial services for over 23 years, I realised I was never in control of my time, my life, my future or pension. No matter how hard you work on a conventional business you are always on the corporate hamster wheel it can become increasingly frustrating - something had to change.

• I now have a great work-life balance looking after some long-standing clients that I have had for over 25 years.

• We have recently launched our new Integrity Women website helping people especially women take control of their life and helping them to design the retirement they want rather than the retirement we are given at state pension age.