Zac Li

Zac Li

CEO, Fortune Global




李执(Zac Li)鸿运全球公司创始人之一,CEO

Company introduction:

Fortune Global is a private enterprise that provides customers with comprehensive outbound services. Relying on the special location of the American consulate in Wuhan (the American consulate in Wuhan mainly serves the five provinces of Central China: Hubei, Hunan, Anhui, Jiangxi, Henan). Exclusive access to the flow of visas to the United States in Central China, and it is estimated to serve about 1500 groups of customers who apply for overseas study, investment, and immigration visas. At the same time, according to customer traffic, Hongyun Global Visa membership products are developed, and by strengthening the steadiness of members and close follow-up tracking services, it provides members with one-stop life-long global outbound services.

Personal introduction:

Li Zhi (Zac Li) Co-founder and CEO of Fortune Global