Yan Li

Yan Li

Founder of Slibrary. CEO of Reorganization Capital

One of the few female entrepreneurs in privacy computing and industrial blockchain Yan Li is the founder of leading digital economy research platform, Computing Think Tank. She is also the CEO of global digital asset management corporate, Reorganization Capital. She has been immersing in the field of the blockchain industry for more than two years.

In 2009, Ms. Yan was elected by Hexun as one of “her model” female personage; at the same time, she was awarded by Nova as “one of the top 50 blockchain investors in 2009”. Ms. Yan graduated from Shanghai Jiatong University with a Master degree. She has abundant and professional experience in the financial media and cultural industry. She has a strong and profound research and views of the primary and secondary market investment in TMT, financial technology and other fields. She is an industry blockchain practitioner, focusing on fields of blockchain, artificial intelligence, and big data that enable traditional industries to achieve digital transformation and business model innovation.


As a digital economic research media and service platform incubated by leading Chinese cultural media corporate, Huawen Media Group Co. Ltd. (000793), Slibrary is absorbed in privacy computing, blockchain, intelligent data, etc. Slibrary focuses on in-depth original report industry research, industrial investment, forum summit, brand marketing, and other services. Its headquarters is located in Shanghai, China.

Relying on shareholder resources and professional teams of major media groups, Slibrary has gone deep into the front line in digital technology and finance, such as privacy computing, blockchain+, AI+, Internet of things, etc. It has in-depth dialogues with 1000+ excellent enterprises, good models, and applications. Besides, it connects global 350+ professional media and 500+ governments / scholars / experts around the world, fascinating nearly 1000+ industrial elites. At the beginning of 2019, Slibrary was named “China's most influential blockchain think tank”. At the same time, it is also one of the main initiators of cooperation joint conference of the vice enterprise of Shanghai Modern Service Industry Association, the vice enterprise of Shanghai Stock Federation, and the Yangtze River Delta big data industry.

Slibrary provides comprehensive supporting services for governments, investment institutions, and global digital economies enterprises, such as industry research, value dissemination, investor relations, etc. It promotes the effective integration of “the digital economy + industry”, and serves various enterprises to realize digital innovation and value mining in the era of digital new infrastructure.