Vanitha Krishnasamy

Vanitha Krishnasamy

Founder and PR Lead, AdMy Concepts Sdn Bhd

I am a strategic PR and Communications specialist with over 10 years experience. My forte includes strategic PR consulting, brand building, project management, content marketing, event planning & content writing for corporate, lifestyle and fashion clients.

I started as a Business Law Lecturer for undergraduate programs soon after graduating. While lecturing, I dabbled in creative writing part time having an interest for words that created an emotional impact. This skill slowly gained attention from the advertising industry, which encouraged me to take on content and copywriting full time with various ad agencies in Malaysia. I also took on a short contractual stint as an Editor with Reliance Travel for it’s in- house magazine, PYO Travel before becoming the Managing Editor for Holiday, a travel magazine for 2 years.

I later expanded my portfolio to include PR and Communications into the fold and founded AdMy Concepts. My responsibilities include strategic and marketing communications to elevate the presence of a brand or client. Writing press releases, speeches, creative content, strategising and brand building are all part of a day’s work. My experience in the industry has opened doors for many speaking engagements in Malaysia.

I am currently the Secretary and PR Team Leader at Mind The Gap Network I also recently started a show online called RAW & UNCUT, focusing on social issues.