Sanjay Shivkumar

Sanjay Shivkumar

Category Director, Carousell

Sanjay leads the Autos, Properties and Services category on Carousell, one of the world’s largest and fastest growing mobile classifieds marketplace.

He oversees the development and reimagining of the vertical supply on Carousell. Sanjay joined Carousell in October 2016 following the acquisition of Caarly.

He was formerly the Co-founder and Head of Caarly, a startup which specialised in using mobile technology to serve car dealerships, as well as create a mobile-first marketplace for people to discover new and used cars. Since the official launch of Caarly in April 2014, he has led its product and capital strategies, helping Caarly reach more than 200 automotive dealerships in Singapore with its products.

Prior to Caarly, Sanjay co-founded Replaid in 2009, one of the earliest mobile development agencies in Singapore building customised mobile apps for MNCs, SMEs & startups, including notable brands such as Johnson & Johnson, Osim, Viddsee, Qanvast and many more. The team was also behind the experimental Summon Auntie App that went viral with more than 260,000 downloads over a short span of 4 months in 2011.

Outside of work, Sanjay enjoys a good game of basketball and taking his car out for a spin at night.