Rola Ezzedine

Rola Ezzedine

CEO of Maison Rola Ezzedine

A fashion designer and luxury brand strategist.

CEO of “Maison Rola Ezzedine”; Limited luxury edition brand. Based in Beirut_lebanon with a collaborative show-room in Paris and istanbul. Architect of the new concept called “Luxury of Love”, an international social economic luxury brand, platform with top level experience.

She has 25 years of solid luxury market experience in various markets including ME, Asia Pacific and Europe. She deals with high net worth clients who want the finest quality in luxury living and lifestyle.

She is advising many ultra–high net worth across the globe in the field of design, luxury products, lifestyle living and jewelry. Graduated from one of the top Lebanese universities (Lebanese American University) majoring in Business and international marketing strategy. Acquired higher expertise from the Chamber syndicate de la haute couture Francaise in Paris. Guided many young entrepreneurs who wanted to pursue careers in luxury brand management through several training programs in embroideries, designs and craftsmanship as self-improvements courses.

She has attended innovation in Luxury marketing workshop at Fashion institute of technology in New York and Harvard Business school university U.S.A
Her articles are published in Luxury magazines /Arts investments in many countries for high profile clients. To name a few like “SMART INVESTOR” and “MONEY COMPASS”.

She has been invited to speak at public platforms in many global conferences and forums.