Pang Sern Yong

Pang Sern Yong

Director / Founder, ChatGPT Malaysia (15k-Members FB Community), AIHQ Training and Consultancy

Pang Sern Yong, an HRD Certified Trainer with a degree in Communication Studies, is an esteemed speaker and thought leader in applying Al tools, particularly ChatGPT, for business and communication contexts.

Based in Kuala Lumpur, Pang has established his influence through various accomplishments. He founded the ChatGPT Malaysia Community, growing it to over 15,000 members. Furthermore, Pang authored ""ChatGPT - A Guide for Introverts"", potentially the first guidebook of its kind in Malaysia.

Pang's background includes running a video marketing agency in Singapore, servicing high-profile clients including Changi Airport Group, HSBC, and Unilever. Additionally, he founded the 'East Asia' publication on

Pang's insights have made a substantial impact online, with over 60,000 LinkedIn impressions in just three months. He regularly speaks on Al applications in platforms such as BFM 89.9 and The Star.

At his core, Pang is an accomplished trainer, leading webinars and training sessions to assist professionals in integrating Al tools into their workflows. His training has received commendations for clarity and effectiveness, demonstrating his commitment to empowering others with Al technology.