Dr Tony de Bree

Dr Tony de Bree

AI-Powered Entrepreneur at Tony de Bree Consulting, Training & Coaching

Dr. Tony de Bree EEP MBA is consultant, Dragon, trainer & coach. He is a bestselling author of 'how to (e)books' on survival strategies, digital strategy, change management, making money online, hybrid/online working, personal development, entrepreneurship & finance.

He worked 26 years in Finserv. Focusing on how to use IT as an enabler for personal & organizational development. In management consulting and knowledge-based systems, eLearning, AI in compliance, online platforms, eBusiness & eCommerce.

He has an EEP MBA, a PhD in B.A., A CX certificate, a Fintech-certificate @M.I.T., a certificate 'ICT Member of Supervisory Boards' & uses fast learning daily.
In 2001, he started to make money online as ‘side hustle’ with eBooks. Helping 10.000+ solopreneurs worldwide.

In 2011, he quit his day-job to become a successful & happy solopreneur.

Since 2022, he is an AI-powered entrepreneur. Using 35+ AI-apps to help people to secure the future of their work.