Christopher Tahir

Christopher Tahir

Business Partnership, Cryptowatch

Christopher is a guy who is very passionate about the financial industry. Starting as an accounting student, he was introduced to the stock market and fell in love with investment in financial products since then.

He traded almost all financial products available in the market starting from stock (local & international), commodities (CME, CBOE, NYMEX), index, options (American, Binary), futures (CME, COMEX), Futures Options (CBOE), forex & cryptocurrency. Not only does he trade them, he also understands the product in depth, which gives him cutting edge advantages.

Recently, he learned more about tech and blockchain besides being an expert in financial products. His hunger in new knowledge makes him always a step ahead of the rest of his peers in the financial industry. In his free time, he also shares his financial knowledge through his Youtube channel and Spotify called Duit Pintar.

Always aim high and hustle harder and smarter is his belief to success.