Babangida Ruma

Babangida Ruma

Founder of Opportunities Hub

Babangida Ruma is a Visionary youth leader who has a passion for digital innovation and technology. He is named the father of creativity and innovation by the UNESCO Institute for Information Technologies in Education. He equips technology to impact communities and lives with sustainable digital solutions. He worked with leaders worldwide to empower young people, build human capability, rebrand their countries, and promote peace and harmony. He has been actively involved in youth activities at national and international levels championing youth empowerment through leadership and capacity building. For connecting the world through opportunities hub Ambassadorship program, Malaysia recognised him as Royal Ambassador of Creativity and Innovation, South Korea recognised him as Africa most Accomplished creative maestro, China recognised him as the world creative guru United States recognised him as an exceptional Icon of Societal Innovation. In contrast, India recognised him as a Living Legend; his collaboration with UNESCO, UNIDO, and Commonwealth has the market to create. He built the necessary bridge to improve international relations among youth. The United Nations has awarded him Salva of honour, champion of creativity, the Commonwealth Awarded him as Commonwealth Young Achiever.

In 2013 he was appointed as Global Ambassador of the Commonwealth Youth Council, the largest youth organisation globally, and later appointed as United Nations Global Ambassador for #TheirWorldatSchool Global Education Campaign. From 2014-2015 He served as an American Ambassador to Model United Nations, where he represented the United States in every Model United Nations Conference.

In 2020, he was named the only Nigerian nominated for Africa Youth Award and the first-ever in Nigerian history to receive the Global Peace and Humanitarian Award Abu Dhabi 20212 for his contribution to building human capital development through creativity and innovation to impact communities with sustainable creative solutions. He has spoken and facilitated sessions at several local and international conferences including the World Economic Forum in China and South Africa, UNESCO Youth Forum in Paris, Geneva Convention.

In 2018, he wrote and published A Book “Technology A Tool for Youth Empowerment”, “Think Like Ruma” and Our Youth; upon his contribution to youth development globally, he was nominated to receive Honorary Doctorate Degree of Creativity and Innovation from London Graduate School and Commonwealth University for Entrepreneurship Development and also to contest for the Chairperson of the Commonwealth Youth Council General election in Malta 2015 by Nigerian National Assembly and awarded as 2016 Social worker of the year, African Achievers Award Honour and the first-ever African in history to received Commonwealth Young achievers Award and Global Achievers Award. He was named among the 100 most influential young Africans and the most influential young innovators for 2016 and 2020, and he was also ranked among the top 20 most influential young leaders in the world in 2016.

He was trained in Sustainable Business Models by the Swedish Institute, Leading Change by Cambridge University, and an alumnus of the Harvard Ministerial Leadership Program. he was awarded a certificate in Social sector leadership from the Philanthropy University, Oakland United States; a Certificate in Civic Leadership from YALI Regional Leadership Center West Africa Accra; Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) from the Internetworkz Institute Bangalore, India; a certificate in Leadership and Engagement from Kansas State University, the USA in 2016.

From 2011 to 2020, he initiated and implemented numerous projects and organised a series of campaigns with high school students, youth organisations and civil society institutions across Nigeria and Malaysia; in 2013, he became actively involved with helping individuals with Down Syndrome in Malaysia and went on to establish the Society for Mentally Handicapped, Malaysia to provide care and create public awareness about children with severe multiple disabilities.

Among the highlights of his legacy, Thousands of beneficiaries of his NGO in Malaysia have succeeded in driving transformation and innovation while contributing to industries in Kuala Lumpur and worldwide. He has been awarded recognition as Greatest Innovator of All Time for integrating creativity and innovation in opportunities that promote entrepreneurship and spurring the economic growth of nations worldwide. For his passionate advocacy for increased accessibility to life-changing opportunities as a means of creating employment, he was awarded the recognition of Global Champion for Peace and Equality – An Exceptional Icon of Societal Innovation.