Omer Ali Khan
Omer Ali Khan

Country Director, IQI UAE

Speaker Affiliation

I have garnered a combined professional experience in real estate, banking and international trade, spanning nearly 2 decades. I am seeking a leadership position, which enables me to become an asset to any organization.

List of Notable Achievements:

• Successfully setup the Dubai office from ground up and implemented the strategic growth plan based on the company’s business.
• Strong customer relationship management skills to build trust-based relationships with clients, partners and other stakeholders in the real estate ecosystems.
• Currently responsible for managing and growing an investment portfolio of US$ 38 Million.
• Investment of approx US$57 Million in 3 years from international and local investors, with a year-over-year increase rate of 50%.
• Maintaining and managing multiple investors’ local real estate assets with an approximate ticket size of US $22 Million.
• Solid understanding of real estate practices and principles for buying and selling residential and commercial properties, including single, multiple and luxury properties.
• Ability to support and provide strategic oversight to the full life cycle of buy-side and sell-side transactions based on applicable codes and regulations.
• Skilled in managing real estate projects from initiation to completion, including market selection, market planning, financial analysis, contract negotiation, project management and reporting.
• Experience in building and implementing market expansion strategy to scale the business, add more offices and diversify in related areas based on client’s business needs and industry insights and market trends.
• Experience in managing the sales, marketing, customer service, operations, all real estate transactions and expansion plans across the country.
• Recruit, develop and manage a team of real estate agents that contribute an annual business of US$95 Million.
• Regular representation of the company in conferences, trade shows and speaking engagements in Dubai and globally, company spokesperson for media briefings with features on TV, Radio and Newspaper articles.