Dong Chen
Dong Chen

Producer and TV Host, SinoVision

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About SinoVision:
Founded in 1990, SinoVision is the leading and most dominant Chinese-language TV station in the Metropolitan New York area. It has two Chinese Channels with an exceptional estimated daily viewership of over 800,000. SinoVision programs also simulcast on its website (, SinoVision mobile Apps, and all Chinese IPTVs. As a leading content producer and publisher, SinoVision original video series has been recognized by the Ippies Awards in the past four consecutive years for all of the categories including Best Video, Best Story About an Immigrant Community, Best Multi-media Package , Best Website Design. Headquartered in New York, SinoVision has reporters based in LA, SF, Chicago, Boston, and Washington D.C.

About me:
Dong Chen, producer and TV host, created the first Real Estate TV program “Living In NY" in 2012 by SinoVision, one of the American Largest Chinese TV Channel. Over the past years, the show has accumulated millions viewership through TV broadcasting and online portals. 600+ episodes are produced. Over 200 New York real estate professionals including top brokers, developers and field-related experts were interviewed. The show has covered almost all the newly-developed luxury condos and large development projects in New York City. As a media veteran, Dong Chen is acknowledged as a well-rounded real estate expert by the industry peers and a household name in the Chinese-American community.