Ly Tan Tai
Ly Tan Tai

Co-Founder, Phuc Tea

Speaker Affiliation

In 2017, Tai and his friend met while working in the same company as part-time employees of customer care while in the course of school, the two brothers decided to do business together. The first model is Take away - a sidewalk trolley with investment capital of 17 million VND.
Currently, Tai is not only CEO and Co-Founder but also is the trainer in Phuc Tea brand of TaVu Joint Stock Company.
Nearly 4 years Phuc Tea brand was built and became one of the top 10 searching for the fastest growing milk tea franchised brand in Vietnam, currently has 97 stores that have steady growth each month. By following September, Phuc Tea will reach 100 branches.
In addition, Tai and his companions own 3 other businesses in laundry services, HomeStay and Coaching training.
III. About Phuc Tea.
Phuc Tea was established on March 31th, 2017 in Can Tho City, Viet Nam. Up to now, we have nearly 100 branches from the west to central Viet Nam.
Our mission is that bringing the most professional services, attentive in experiences and the best quality to customers. Phuc Tea always towards a community-friendly brand, creates a working environment full of love, dynamism and creativity for all members. Currently, the main products in Phuc Tea are drinks of tea, milk tea and coffee, and many other gift products.
The mission of a franchise partners is to companion that always works best, providing a proven and long-term sustainable business model.