Yulia Suci Rejeki
Yulia Suci Rejeki

Educator / Sahabat Rumah Belajar DKI Jakarta 2019 / Influencer, Crowdsource by Google

Speaker Affiliation

Yulia Suci Rejeki is an educator, instructor of curriculum 2013 and one of Sahabat Rumah Belajar DKI Jakarta in 2019. She really loves to use technology to engage her students in learning. Her passionate about developping technology in classroom started since she had an opportunity to gain an internasional short course about Mobile Learning and Social Networking in Malaysia in 2015.

Beside teaching in Bintaro 12 Primary School, she is also actively as an instructor of curriculum 2013 and  involves in many activities from Ministry of Education and Rumah Belajar for writing  learning video scripts.

In her spare time, she keeps contributing for AI/ML Google through Crowdsource and wrote some books published.