Shahram Hashemi
Shahram Hashemi

Managing Partner, Aldeham Education Group

Speaker Affiliation

Shahram Hashemi is the Managing Partner of Aldenham Education Group (AEG), which is the exclusive international commercial arm of the Aldenham Foundation (Aldenham) UK. Founded in 1597, Aldenham is steeped in history with 423 years of academic excellence, embodying both the best of timeless traditions and universal values, along with a documented history of a forward-thinking culture that has differentiated it from its peers. The belief in and delivery of an excellent all-round education fully permeates the brand and central to the AEG approach is the conviction that education is of the whole person. Learning is a lifetime endeavour that doesn't stop when degrees are earned and equipping its pupils with the ability and mindset to "learn how to learn" is at the core of AEG’s contemporary approach. AEG is committed to helping students become the best versions of themselves, achieving balance and finding their individual purpose, whatever that may be.

AEG is the optimal fusion of accomplished educators, school operators, school inspectors, education thought leaders, entrepreneurs and internationally experienced investment professionals, who all share the same passion to be a leading global education group. AEG is hands-on from start to finish in identifying, analysing, vetting, financing, developing, and operating new schools. Additionally, as a fully integrated education platform, AEG is actively engaged in acquisitions of existing schools, management of 3rd party owned schools, and considers investments in education technology or other education-related operating companies.

Bringing his 25 years of private equity, investment banking and strategy experience with top-tier firms and sovereign wealth funds to AEG, Shahram has invested in and actively managed early-stage, greenfield as well as turnaround opportunities in emerging markets. He is also well versed in the education sector and has been responsible for a number of investments made in education. His track record includes achieving above risk-adjusted rates returns and he brings this unique expertise to AEG. Shahram has sat on a number of notable boards of directors and acted as an advisor to boards including, most relevantly, the Academic Zone for the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah.